Who Are We?

Women’s Connect to Wellness and Recovery is a program that is aimed at reducing the number of babies being exposed to substances during pregnancies in Shasta County by reaching out to all women of child-bearing age.

  • Our website is an anonymous, confidential way to learn about the options and benefits of quitting substance use. We provide links to helpful websites, videos, apps, and anonymous drug and alcohol assessments with feedback.
  • Whether the substance is alcohol, prescription drugs, other drugs, or tobacco, women can consider cutting back, quitting, or asking for assistance in meeting those goals.
  • Women are empowered through access to education, support, and resources. They can choose recovery, find support, and get family planning assistance to fit their needs.


Our resource pages offer a list of community resources to help women, providers, or concerned family members or friends. They can find support available in the community with explanations of the services each resource provides, the easiest way to access their services, and links to their webpages (if available).


We also provide links to information about family planning methods and protection from sexually transmitted infections. Life is stressful enough. Getting informed and making good choices can help women stay healthy now and in the future.

2023 Perinatal Substance Exposures Summit recordings and slides

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Empowering women to make healthy choices.


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