If You are Using and Not Pregnant, You Might Consider:


Visit your doctor or health center. Taking care of your health can prevent problems. Your doctor can help you find recovery treatment. Your doctor can help you find medication assisted treatment, if needed. Find local health centers.

Speak with a counselor. You can call a recovery center for a meeting to talk to a counselor for free. You can talk to the counselor about how ready you are to make a change. You will not be pressured to enter treatment. Find local treatment and counselors.  If you have Partnership and would like to find recovery treatment, look on the back of your card for the Beacon phone number. If you give them a call, they will ask you some screening questions and then help you find a recovery treatment program to fit your needs.

Find support groups in the community. Connect with other women in recovery. They can give support and advice. Women's support groups can be found here. Visit the Fun Sober Activities page for how to have fun sober.

Learn more about family planning that works for you. Getting regular exams will keep you healthier. You can find a birth control method that is right for you. Find local reproductive health clinics here.

Get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI's). Getting tested and treated for STI's will save you a mountain of stress. Shasta County had one of the highest rates of gonorrhea in California in 2015. If that is not scary enough, syphilis is on the rise in Shasta County. Think about protecting yourself. Your health is important. You are important. Find local family planning clinics here.

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