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Planned Parenthood - Redding Health Center is located at 2935 Bechelli Lane, Suite C, Redding, CA 96002. Call for appointment at (530) 351-7100. Make an appointment online here. You can pick up free condoms at Planned Parenthood, and even get STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing done. Learn more about STD's on the Planned Parenthood website.


Women's Health Specialists - Provides low or no cost access to women's services including birth control, annual exams, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted infection testing, and urinary tract infection testing. Located at 1901 Victor Ave, Redding, CA 96002. Phone:  (530) 221-0193. Call for appointment.


Shasta Community Health Center - Offers birth control services and sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment. Accepts Partnership. Located at 1035 Placer Street Redding, CA 96001. Medical Phone: (530) 246-5710  Also offered here is the Early Intervention Services Program that provides HIV/AIDS medical care for those who do not have health insurance, have insufficient insurance, or limited financial resources. Through the Youth Outreach program, the State Only Family Planning (S.O.F.P.)  program is only for those men and women seeking birth control, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), urinary tract infections (UTI’s), pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID), PAP smears, pregnancy testing, and in general problems related to the reproductive tract.  This includes medications, lab tests for HIV, and many related procedures.  Young adults may be seen without parent consent or knowledge.  All records are kept confidential unless you are a ward of the court.


Hope (Health Outreach for People Everywhere) Van - Provides quality primary medical, dental, and mental healthcare services to the medically underserved populations of our community. Project HOPE Mobile Health Program operates through a system of community health centers in Redding, Anderson, Happy Valley, and Shasta Lake which also provide medical, dental, and mental health care services, case management, and referrals. Accepts Medi-Cal, Denti-Cal, Medicare, CMSP, and most other private insurance. A sliding fee scale (ability to pay) is available. Remember to bring your insurance ID card to every appointment. See here for HOPE flyer with detailed info.


Shasta County HIV/AIDS Referral List -  This list has information and resources pertaining to HIV/AIDS for medical and social work case management, medical and dental care, support groups, HIV food bank, and Helpline 24-hour crisis phone number. Learn more about HIV/AIDS. National AIDS Hotline: 1(800) 342-AIDS (2437), Spanish AIDS Hotline: 1-(800) 344-7423, California AIDS Hotline: 1-(800) 367-2437.


Syringe Services Program (SSP) - Operating only a few hours per week at one or two sites, the SSP quietly serves its purpose of exchanging used needles for new ones – a one-for-one exchange. Individuals accessing the SSP are also offered other disease prevention services – such as Hepatitis B vaccinations, Hepatitis C screening, HIV testing, and condoms, as well as referral to drug treatment programs and other services. See link for locations, dates, and times for this service.


Local Area Support for Hepatitis (LASH) - Meeting time:  3rd Thursday 6-7:00pm at 448 Redcliff Drive, Suite 231, Redding CA. Phone number:  530-275-8956  Email: 

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