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CalWorks – "Provides temporary cash aid and employment services to needy families with children. The program offers supportive services, including child care, transportation and other services necessary for a successful transition from welfare to work." CalWORKs Employment Services, 1400 California Street, Redding, CA 96001  Phone:  (530) 225-5000


Good News Rescue Mission Job Training & Academic Center - Anyone in Shasta County can "complete their GED or High School diploma, prepare for a college education or certified technical education, get help securing a job, find a new career path, and ultimately learn that true success is an intimate relationship with their heavenly Father." For more information, contact the Academic Center Director, Anthony Zippay at (530) 242-5920.


California Conservation Corps  -  “Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions . . . and more!”  Recruitment Office:  4900 Mountain Lakes Boulevard, Suite A, Redding CA, 96003 For people 18 to 25 years of age.


Cloud Wise Academy (and scholarship) -  Cloud Wise Academy was formed to teach in-demand technical skills that employers are searching for in today's market. The Cloud Wise Academy courses are designed to be practical and affordable for people holding down a job or taking care of family as they learn a new set of high-demand skills. The Academy serves people of all ages and there is no prior programming or technology experience needed. All students need is a laptop computer and a basic understanding of how to use it. The six-week course costs $275 and is taught by a professional programmer. Scholarship opportunities are available to assist with Cloud Wise Academy tuition. 


Anderson Teen Center - Adult job program open to ages 18 and up which starts with a two-week class that covers:

  • Job search
  • Career exploration
  • Learn and practice interview skills
  • How to market one's self
  • Master application, resume and cover letter
  • Life skills presentations and more
  • This class runs Monday through Friday 8:30am-1:30pm, followed by two weeks of job search help. One must register in advance as space is limited (a new class begins every four weeks).   Phone:  (530) 365-9021


The Simple Dollar has a webpage called "Online Learning:  College Without the Degree (or the Cost)" that explains the benefits of learning about a new topic for free even though you do not receive a degree for it. They provide a large list of online resources that offer courses that range from informational to college level, all for free. Some resources offer you the option to receive a certificate for a small fee.


Clothes That Work! -  This program provides two complete interview-appropriate outfits including shoes, undergarments, makeup and accessories, and an additional three complete job-appropriate outfits after employment is found. Located at 2400 Washington Ave (3rd Floor) Redding, CA 96001.  Phone: (530) 247-3320

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